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Snowflakes in the Spotlight

While no two snowflakes are alike—and therefore each one is unique--there are a few snow crystals that have the chance to shine more brightly and splendidly than their comrades, thanks to photographer and author Kenneth Libbrecht. Continue Reading »


Friends and Family Sale

If you've got one of our books on your holiday wish list, you definitely want to hop on over to the website for our Friends and Family Sale - 50% Off EVERYTHING! at http://qbookshop.com/. We have tons of books for every enthusiast, so get shopping! Continue Reading »


5 Tips for Reducing Chemicals in Your Landscape

Achieving the (Almost!) Chemical-Free Garden

Having a green thumb in the garden doesn't just stop at growing and tending beautiful flora—your garden will flourish when you reduce the use of chemicals and nurture an environmentally friendly landscape. Thanks to Troy Marden, author of Southern Gardener's Handbook, you can achieve a green thumbs-up with these five easy tips. Continue Reading »


How to Ferment Vegetables

Most of us are familiar with two kinds of fermented vegetables: cucumbers and cabbage. We know about pickles and sauerkraut, but is it possible to ferment anything else? Thanks to Daniel Gasteiger's book, Yes You Can! And Freeze and Dry It, Too, we can explore the wide world of fermenting all kinds of vegetables. Continue Reading »


How to Clean and Store Your Lawnmower During Winter

In California, December temperatures don't get harsh enough to cause gardens to hibernate: December in California is more of a small pause amidst a long and verdant growing season, and it's the perfect time to take stock. In her book California Month-by-Month Gardening, author Claire Splan explains that December is a great time for garden maintenance, including overall maintenance for your lawn mower. As you clean and organize tools and gardening accessories this month, make a list of items that you need or that need to be replaced or repaired. You may find holiday sales on some of the items, or maybe you can add them to your Christmas wish list. Continue Reading »

Country Skills


Top 10 Safety Tips for Farm Machinery

A back-to-basics look at fundamental farm safety rules

Whether you're new to farming or your ancestry spans generations of working the land, you know that every kind of working farm requires a wealth of knowledge and skill in order to run well. Continue Reading »

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How to Pasteurize Goat Milk at Home

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Tool Safety

Or, All I Want for Christmas Are My Two Front Teeth

I was just working with a client who had a large bandage on a finger. Continue Reading »

In the Garden


DIY Tomato Towers That Last Forever

Growing the perfect tomatoes starts with the perfect tomato tower. Continue Reading »

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Oatmeal Pecan Cookies

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Waterfowl and DIY Wetlands

From domesticated geese and ducks to exotic emus and peacocks, author Christine Heinrichs is an expert on all kinds of feathered fowl. Continue Reading »