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Capturing the Art of the Snowflake

How Photographer Kenneth Libbrecht Reveals the Beauty of Snow Crystals

Have you ever wondered how photographers capture the unique beauty of snowflakes? How do they photograph individual snow crystals in such dimensional detail? How is it even possible to work with such a microscopic subject in such a fleeting window of time? Continue Reading »

Vegetable Blender Soup feat

Vegetable Blender Soup

I daresay that most people in the United States might be contending with leftovers within the next week. And, at least in my family, there's really only so much warmed-over food you can eat. This soup from Chef Rosa Ross in The Hamptons and Long Island Homegrown Cookbook would be a great way to use up some of those leftovers. It's really more of a concept than a recipe – round up veggies, cook until tender (or heat until warm), and blend until smooth. The possibilities are endless! Continue Reading »

Pigs With Personality

Scene-Stealing Pigs in Literature, Film, and Folklore

In his book How to Raise Pigs, author Philip Hasheider introduces readers to the art of selecting, housing, raising, breeding, managing, and showing pigs, supported by a wealth of practical and accessible research: in previous posts we've highlighted Hasheider's insights into the history of pigs, heritage pig breeds, buying your first pigs, and housing pigs. Continue Reading »


Powder Room Remodel, Step One

Wallpaper, Vanity, Toilet, and Tile Removal

Now that I've been forced to move my projects indoors for the winter, it's time to tackle the first floor powder room. This small, functional half bath is stuck in some indistinct past. It is in part of the house that used to be the garage and breezeway combo and was converted at some time in the fifties or sixties into a bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom has a double clamshell light fixture—but not a pretty one, wallpaper—also not pretty, and a pedestal sink—my least favorite. Oh, and I forgot the industrial white tile floor—definitely not pretty. It gets used all the time, so it needs to be durable, but it also could be much nicer looking and a little less mid-century mundane. Continue Reading »


Hardiness Zones in the South

Gardening and Microclimates in the Southern States

When you pick up a gardening book like Troy Marden's Southern Gardener's Handbook and begin reading about plants, you may see frequent references to a plant's hardiness or what zone a plant is hardy to. Continue Reading »

Country Skills


Top 10 Safety Tips for Farm Machinery

A back-to-basics look at fundamental farm safety rules

Whether you're new to farming or your ancestry spans generations of working the land, you know that every kind of working farm requires a wealth of knowledge and skill in order to run well. Continue Reading »

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How to Pasteurize Goat Milk at Home

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Seasonal Tasks

For those of us who live where the temperature regularly goes below freezing and snow falls freely from the skies, fall is the time to prepare for the coming winter. Continue Reading »

In the Garden

Planning Your Straw Bale Garden

Two of the most popular kinds of gardening today are vegetable gardening and container gardening. Continue Reading »

In the Kitchen

pie feat

Making and Freezing Fruit Pies

You, too, can become a pie-making champion

Picture this: it's Thanksgiving Day (or any day, for that matter), and your kitchen is redolent with the intoxicating aromas of apple pie, raspberry-pear pie, peach crumble pie, strawberry-rhubarb pie, blueberry pie, and every fruit pie you can imagine. Continue Reading »



How to Pasteurize Goat Milk at Home

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