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More Preparation and Planning:

Building Codes for Homeowners

Are you a serious do-it-yourselfer? One who tackles everything from total-gut bathroom remodels to building your own garage to creating a to-die-for deck? Or are you a more on the everything-gets-hired-out side? Whichever side you are on, there is a great reference book for either party. It is the Updated 3rd Edition of Black & Decker's Codes for Homeowners. Continue Reading »

How to Feed Citrus Trees

When and how to fertilize orange trees, grapefruit trees, and more

For gardeners living in Florida and similar warm climates, March is the perfect time to begin the yearly practice of feeding established citrus trees. In his comprehensive guide Florida Month-by-Month Gardening, author Tom MacCubbin explains that feeding citrus trees is best done about four times a year: in early spring, late spring, late summer, and early fall. Here are Tom's tips for getting your citrus trees on a steady path to good health. Continue Reading »

How To Test Your Garden Soil's Texture

A sneak peek of our newest book "Building Soil"

Author Elizabeth Murphy is a soil pro, and for her, the complexity of soil can be boiled down to a basic premise: grow healthy soil to grow healthy plants. Continue Reading »


Beetza Pizza!

An impromptu weeknight dinner

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs have connected farms to consumers and made people more in tune with where their food comes from, but still leave many stumped beyond the conventional uses for their produce. How many times has a CSA share arrived with things you've never seen before or not known what to do with? The CSA Cookbook, by Linda Ly helps readers cook their way through a CSA box (or farmers' market or backyard bounty) with 105 seasonal recipes that utilize every edible part of the plant, from leaves and flowers to stems and seeds. Think of it as a nose-to-tail approach - for vegetables!  Continue Reading »


Types of Snowflakes

From plates and prisms to 12-branched snowflakes, a winter wonderland is truly wondrous

It may be unfair to ask snow-saturated readers (hello, frozen Boston!) to contemplate the intricate beauty of snowflakes right now, but even those of us buried in blizzards can agree: Kenneth Libbrecht's stunning photography of snow crystals is mesmerizing. You know that every snow crystal is unique, but did you know there are many different types of snow crystals? Here are some gorgeous forms of snowflakes, captured in Kenneth Libbrecht's book The Art of the Snowflake. Continue Reading »

Country Skills


Top 10 Safety Tips for Farm Machinery

A back-to-basics look at fundamental farm safety rules

Whether you're new to farming or your ancestry spans generations of working the land, you know that every kind of working farm requires a wealth of knowledge and skill in order to run well. Continue Reading »

Sustainable Living

Living Wall

Q&A with Shawna Coronado

The author of Grow a Living Wall offers tips for urban gardening systems.

Shawna Coronado tackles Living Walls according to space and goals of the gardener. Continue Reading »

Home How-to


Basic Carpentry, Wood Fasteners:

Screws, anchors, framing connectors, and glues

So far I've discussed some lumber basics and nails as fasteners. Continue Reading »

In the Garden


How to Prune a Tree Branch

Keep your trees healthy—and yourself safe!—with this handy how-to

If winter brings heavy snow where you live, you know all too well how spring swiftly crescendos when the snow melts. Continue Reading »

In the Kitchen


How to Dry Herbs

Capturing the flavor of fresh herbs all year long

Why spend a lot of money on small batches of store-bought herbs when you can dry your own fresh herbs at home? Harvesting fresh, aromatic herbs is one of the signature joys of summer (or, if you're lucky enough to have an indoor kitchen garden, fresh herbs are available every season), and drying herbs is an easy way to capture that flavor for use throughout the year. Continue Reading »


Pet Food Recipe: Ground Chicken Dinner with Vegetables

Adding variety to your pet's healthy, homemade diet

Only characters in futuristic movies enjoy eating the same boring gruel day after day—no one in real life actually wants to eat like that, and neither do our pets. Continue Reading »