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Square Foot Gardening With Kids Cuttings 1

Teach Your Kids About Garden Cuttings

And Get "Free" Plants, To Boot!

Looking for something to do with cabin-fevered youngsters? Mel Bartholomew, author of Square Foot Gardening with Kids, offers this easy project you can try with your kids, rain, shine or snow! Continue Reading »

North American Songbirds: Bluebirds 2

North American Songbirds: Bluebirds

Who doesn't love bluebirds? There are two main kinds of bluebirds, and their ranges divide neatly between the eastern and western part of the United States. Noble Proctor, author of North American Songbirds, shares some of the reasons we love these little birds so much. Continue Reading »

Country Skills

Farm Fences and Gates 2

Ten Essential Planning Points for Any Fence

The right fence, especially on a farm, can make the difference between a world of trouble and peace of mind. Continue Reading »

Sustainable Living

Beeswax candles

Mind Your Beeswax   

What To Do With Wax

Most people start keeping bees with honey on their minds. Continue Reading »

Home How-to

swale feat

Improving Drainage: Part One

Install a Swale

Spring has sprung! Potentially. Continue Reading »

In the Garden

HomeSkills Landscaping rain garden feat

Improving Drainage: Part Two

Install a Rain Garden

In Part One of Improving Drainage, we talked about how to build a swale. Continue Reading »

In the Kitchen

watermelon salad

Homegrown Recipe: Watermelon, Tomato, and Ginger Salad

We'll be landing in Asheville, NC today and setting up Booth #3010 at the Mother Earth News Fair. Continue Reading »


catch horse

Catching Your Hard-to-Catch Horse

Humans aren't the only ones glad to be out and about, enjoying the day and setting their own schedules. Continue Reading »