Top 10 Safety Tips for Farm Machinery

Whether you’re new to farming or your ancestry spans generations of working the land, you know that every kind of working farm requires a wealth of knowledge and skill in order to run well. In The Complete Illustrated Guide to Farming by Samantha Johnson and Philip Hasheider, that profusion of technical information is explored in great depth with an abundance of photos and how-to guides on every page. From soil health and harvesting to raising cows and making cheese, Johnson and Hasheider walk readers through the basics of farming, while always highlighting best practices for safety along the way. Here are their essential top ten tips for working safely with farm machinery:

Rick Kubik / The Complete Illustrated Guide to Farming

Always, always, always follow these top ten safety procedures when using machinery on your farm. This is not a complete list of all the safety procedures you need, but it’s a good start.

1. Wear suitable equipment such as heavy gloves, eye and hearing protection, and boots with nonslip soles.

2. Observe warning labels.

3. Before attempting to unplug, clean out, adjust, repair, or lubricate any unit, turn off the source of power and physically block any parts that may suddenly move when an obstruction is removed.

4. Once power is shut off, wait for the mechanism to come to a complete stop before approaching the machine.

5. Do not allow children or pets to remain in the tractor cab or operator’s station. They could accidentally engage the machine drive or PTO.

6. Secure any dangling clothes, hair, or jewelry that could get tangled in the machine.

7. Never attempt to engage or disengage a v-belt drive by pulling on the belt with your hands.

8. If the machine is held up by hydraulic power, set blocks to prevent unexpected movement before you crawl underneath the machine.

9. Before you move a machine or engage the drive, be sure you know where any bystanders, especially children, are located.

10. Avoid moving in reverse unless you can be certain there is no one behind you.

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The Complete Illustrated Guide to Farming

  • Philip Hasheider (author)
  • Samantha Johnson (author)

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Farming explains farming from start to finish. It’s an encyclopedia for the beginning farmer, hobby farmer, small-scale family farmer, or dreamer.

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